What is the purpose of our life? It is a question people often ponder at some point. The fact is everyone does not have the same idea of the purpose of human existence but they all share a general idea of it. We live our life either chasing materialistic things or just doing things that lead us to a more pleasurable lifestyle. Although we seem to be living the right life by reaching the top of businesses and becoming filthy rich but this never fulfils the actual purpose of our life.

The purpose of our life is to create some value for humankind, find a purpose and find ways to achieve it. When we know the purpose of our lives, we tend to plan things better. The path that you take should be carefully planned. Your money, your job, your home, your family, your country, and so on, are all temporary. What matters, in the end, is how we spend our time. The friends we have made along the way will be our memories of the past. Plan before you decide on an option so that the path becomes easier to navigate.

Have you ever read the list that people make at the end of their life, where they are talking about what they wish they had done more of? People don’t talk about how they wish that they had done more work or made more money, they talk about substantive things like wishing they had loved more and done well for others. All these are the most important priorities in our life. Remember that there is always an end and start your thinking with this in mind.

The purpose of life is to make the world a better place and find our inner selves.  While very few are fortunate enough to realize their dreams at a young age, the majority of us face significant setbacks along the way. Even though these losses are painful, they increase the value of our dreams. 


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